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Now we can tell about the case of a Hispanic who suffered a serious work accident and that could improve other’s lives, with his testimony, who have also lost some limb we return to Los Angeles with Salvador Durán and he tells us a little more about this particular case. In January 2007, Miguel González was 27 years old, working as assistant accommodating merchandise in a warehouse in Los Angeles when he suffered a terrible accident, getting caught in the middle of two forklifts like this one I was in my forklift stopped and another one came from behind in reverse and he crushed me with the other forklift. I did not faint but I saw myself in a lot of blood and my leg turned around. I remember going to the hospital and I got up and I did not have a leg at that moment he felt physically and emotionally shattered.

Before that I used to do a lot of sports activities, I liked to play a lot of soccer, baseball, basketball so it changed my life a lot from running every day and suddenly nothing. Despite the hard blow he manages to overcome the discouragement. Thanks to the unconditional love of his wife and daughters. It never ever came to my mind not to support him. I have been living with him for 17 years and that was never a problem. I did not even think twice. Focused on his recovery he looked for legal advice with the Lawyer David Lupoff, a specialist in cases similar to his initially. The insurance authorized him a basic prosthesis to walk that he used until 6 months ago until he got to have a more advanced one.

They gave him a prosthesis known as the leg x3 that allows him to walk uphill. He can dive into the water or ride a bike. This leg has returned 80% of his natural functions while with the other only gave him 30%. This prosthesis is the product of years of study and its cost is between 100 and 125 thousand dollars. It is almost like the human leg because of the sensors it has. It allows the patient to take the step without having to think about what is going on. It will give them the stability of having a device that controls their knee with the computer without having to think. Like how we normally walk every day without thinking. Miguel has become the first patient to receive this prosthesis completely free and he plans to take full advantage of this benefit.

Before you were only able to walk forward, you didn’t walk, but now you can even walk backward. Show me how you do it with the prosthesis. It’s regular, it moves well and everything, because now the knee is bent when I go backward and before I could not do it. The new prosthesis also allows him to participate in all activities that he likes Jose says he’s happy and he now wants to be an example and encourage others like him. All I can say is to not be discouraged and put your best foot forward because yes, you can live with a prosthesis. Miguel’s lawyer fought for 7 years for him to receive his leg and they expect that from this case, other victims of accidents will receive prostheses’ appropriate for them to live a better life, like they deserve.


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