How Long Is My Personal Injury Case Going To Take

Have you recently been a victim of personal injury? In that case, you must be worrying about how long your case is likely to take before any settlement is made, aren’t you? Well, knowing how long the case will stretch is a very crucial thing, because you need to know how much of your time you’ll need to devote so that you can prepare yourself and make arrangements accordingly. But what if I told you that it might even take longer than you expected? To be frank, no one can tell you the exact time your case is going to take. But yet, you can have a rough estimation; this article is written specifically for that purpose.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind while determining the duration of your case is that every personal injury case is different from one another. Even for the same type of injury, the time taken for the settlement of once case may differ from that of another. As such, it’s almost impossible to predict the exact or accurate time you will need to invest for your case. The factors are too many, and there is no way you can precisely calculate the case duration.

If you would still like to know, let me tell you that a typical personal case can take anything between 12 to 24 months. Yes, that’s the probable range of how long your personal injury case is going to take before it is eventually settled. While one year can still sound reasonable enough for some, but two years is too long a time without any real guarantee that the case will be ruled in your favor. However, it’s still worth the wait; because you’ve spent a lot of money to rectify the damages and medical expenses incurred by you, and a compensation for the same will help maintain your financial condition in balance.

Now, coming down to more details about your case, the first year of the proceedings will be all about your injuries, diagnosis, treatment and other rectifying measures. The attorney, in the meantime, will proceed with the investigation of the case, collecting information and evidence, and gathering witnesses, in order to make your case a strong one. This is the initial phase of your case, and also the most important period.

Also, this is the phase when the defendants, and insurance companies if any, would be informed about filing for the case. The other party, and/or his insurance company can still stop the case from going to the court by offering a fair compensation amount. The lawyer will handle the matter and discuss with you. In case no settlement is made, the case will be filed, and you’ll need to be ready for the proceeding.

The second year is when your case goes to trial. This might be a lengthy process depending on how hard the other party pushes to get the charges cancelled. If the other party happens to be a person of resources, you are in for a longer haul. Also, to be noted that the prognosis of the doctors about the injury or injuries that were suffered by the claimant has a huge influence on the length of your case.

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