Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

For those who aren’t quite aware, you’d be pleased to know that you don’t really need to pay anymore from your pocket for the expenses incurred by you because of an accident caused due to someone else’s negligence or fault. There are laws that help you get a fair amount of compensation for the damages and injuries sustained by you because of an accident caused by someone else. We recommend hiring a good personal injury lawyer who would be able to access your case in the best possible way and provide you’re the right advice to proceed with filing your claim. We bring to you a list of the most common types of personal injuries that you can seek compensation for.

Auto Accidents

One of the most common types of personal injury cases is auto accidents. There are countless auto accidents occurring everyday due to someone or the other’s negligence, and injuries are sustained. So, if you happened to be hit by another driver because of his/her negligence or fault, and suffered injuries, you are quite likely to get financial compensation for the damages incurred by you. Negligence such as speeding, driving under influence of alcohol or drugs, traffic rules violation etc. can bring you a fair amount of compensation, provided there was no fault on your side. Your personal injury lawyer can help you in this regard.

Accidents in the Workplace

Another common personal injury case that you can file a claim for is workplace injury. If you happened to be a victim of a workplace accident, and the business owner is not willing to offer you your due compensation, you can always file for a workplace injury claim without having to fear of losing your job. But remember that filing for a workplace injury is only valid if the business owner has been negligent towards his duties of ensuring the safety of his workers. A malfunctioning equipment, carelessly maintained property, or even overwork can qualify for filing a personal injury claim. Your PI lawyer will help you with the legal matters involved in this regard.

Slip & Fall

Slip and fall can happen to anyone, anywhere, and can be very dangerous, leading to serious injuries. If you have slipped and fell due to unsafe conditions such as wet or uneven floors, or carelessly maintained property, you care eligible to file for a personal injury claim against the property owner. Hiring a PI attorney will help you better assess your case in this matter.

Defective Products

It is the duty and the responsibility of every manufacturer, as well as the distributors and the retailers, before the making the product public, is to make sure that the item is safe for use. Also, the manufacturer is required by law, to mention proper and clear instructions, along with warnings, on how to use the product safely. So, if you are a consumer and happened to sustain injuries because of a defect in the product or lack of proper instructions for using the product, you may be eligible to file for a personal injury claim.

Medical Malpractice

While doctors are considered life-saving angels, there are a few who fail to act responsible towards their duties of taking care of their patients and providing proper and accurate treatment. If you happen to be the victim of such negligence from the hospital or the physician’s side, you are eligible to file for a medical malpractice claim, which is yet another form of personal injury case. Also, if you happen to sustain injuries post the medical procedure, that could be the result of a faulty treatment or carelessly carried out medical operation, it is recommended that you immediately get in touch with a personal injury lawyer (preferably one who is an expert in medical malpractice). Misdiagnosis, birth injuries, surgical errors, faulty treatment, prescribing wrong medications etc. all come under the medical malpractice injury.

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