Traits to Look for in a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer

While you try as hard as you can to avoid filing for bankruptcy, there are times when bankruptcy is inevitable. No amount of struggle to pay off your creditors is going to work, given the stringent economic times that your company has been facing off late. With recession, came the need for declaration of bankruptcy, which in turn, gave rise to the increase in demand for bankruptcy lawyers.

So what exactly is bankruptcy? Simply put, bankruptcy is the state of a business where it is rendered unable to offset its debts. Bankruptcy is fully recognized legally, and some countries even have bankruptcy laws put together to control the way debtors and creditors relate when a debtor has filed for bankruptcy.

If you are applying for a bankruptcy, it is most likely that you will only need to partially clear a debt that you bear. That said, filing a bankruptcy is not as easy as it sounds. There are plethora of laws and clauses involved in the process which, only an expert bankruptcy lawyer can handle without fuss. As such, it is important that you find the right bankruptcy lawyer for your situation, and not just any lawyer to represent you.

Below are some of the factors that you should look for in a bankruptcy lawyer.

Professional responsibility:

Like the case with other professionals, a lawyer, in your case, a bankruptcy lawyer will need to ensure that you (his client) receives the kind of treatment that’s fair during the entire legal process. Lawyers should be responsible towards his/her client, regardless of who the client is, and must fulfil their responsibilities always to help the clients win their case. This is an ethical responsibility of every lawyer and must be dealt with high priority.


Another important factor to consider here is discretion. A good bankruptcy lawyer will always practice wholesome business ethics such as client’s discretion. He/she should know how to behave with the client, and also, which part of information about the case that he should disclose. A good lawyer will always keep the case details and his conversations with his clients confidential. This saves the client and the case from having the important aspects of the case falling into the wrong hands.

Responsibility related to finances:

A bankruptcy case is one of those legal matters that demand a lot of paperwork. This means, there are large volumes of financial documents and statements that need to be handled, and it the work of the bankruptcy lawyer to assess and analyze those documents in order to determine the total assets of the company. This has to be handled very neatly and as soon as possible, because there might be a need for liquidating your assets and hence, a good lawyer will always be ready for the same.


Devotion is a very, very important factor in any type of work to make it a successful one, which is why it is equally important for your bankruptcy lawyer to be devoted towards your case to win it. The lawyer needs to be devoted enough to push for the rights of the client. Lack of devotion towards the case and the client will ultimately lead to losing the case due to infringement of the clients’ rights.

Legal counsel:

One of the most vital responsibilities of a bankruptcy lawyer, or just about any good lawyer, is to provide legal counselling to his clients. The lawyer will have to work with the client, offering advice and suggestions on how to move with the case, including proffering tips on how the client will need to conduct themselves at all times. This will help the client effortlessly answer all the question during the trial without any mistake which will further benefit the case with a smoother transition.

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