Why Did My Lawyer Ask For A Retainer Fee

Sooner or later, but you’ll always need a good lawyer, because of all the laws crafted to make your life smoother in this wild, wild world. Crimes happen every day, there is no escaping it. And there are times when you find yourself in a situation that makes you suffer unfairly. Who do you think can fight for you to ensure that justice is done to you? Of course, a lawyer!

As such, it is imperative that you hire a good lawyer to handle your case. But then again, lawyers rarely come cheap. And it has often been observed that good lawyers often ask for a retainer, which mean giving away a huge sum of your hard earned money to the lawyer for you don’t know what. This can be the worst nightmare for people who cannot afford much. But there is another side to the coin, and we are here today to tell you what it is.

Well, if in doubt, you can be sure of one thing—that your money isn’t going in waste. The lawyer asks for a retainer fee only because he wants to proceed with your case. The amount that you are paying him as a retainer is nothing but an upfront payment for receiving his services.

The Retainer Includes:

  • Consultation fees – while most lawyers provide free legal advice, but to get more specific consultation about your case, you will need to pay a fee to the lawyer for ‘n’ number of appointments that you’ll need to make.
  • Research work – the lawyer can’t simply jump for the trial before doing his homework. He/she will need to do some research before he’s able to build a strong case for you. And I suppose you’re aware that you’ll need to pay for the lawyer’s time.
  • Interviews – Again, time is money. After studying your case, the lawyer will need to look for witnesses to testify on your behalf. And to do this, he will need to individually interview every prospective witness. You will need to pay for his time.

The only purpose of asking for a retainer fee is for the lawyer to make sure that the client is serious about the case. A lawyer’s time is valuable, and a specific deposit amount from the client’s side will ascertain the fact that he is not spending his time and resources for zilch. So, if you are on a tight budget, it would be better for you to find a lawyer who works on a cheaper hourly rate. Because most good lawyers will ask for a retainer, hence it would be a little difficult for you to save up if cutting down on legal costs is what is on your mind. However, if you think about it, it’s like putting aside a huge sum of money as down payment for an asset you love.

As mentioned earlier, the retainer fee is just a part of the total amount that you’ll be paying the lawyer in advance to represent your case in the court. There is no point refusing to pay the lawyer the retainer fee because the more you stay confused, the more delay will be with your case. The lawyer will always make sure to send you a statement about where, when and how your money has been put to use, just so you are aware about the same. Just make sure that all retainer agreements are in writing, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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