Why Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents are something that’s not usually in our control. But protecting your rights are. In the event of an accident or an injury, you are bound to go through a state of shock and confusion, and as such, there are very thin chances that you will be able to figure out ways to get compensated for your injuries, remunerated for the loss of pay days, as well as being able to protect your rights. This is why it is always a good idea to seek legal representation when you are involved in a personal injury case. A personal injury law firm works exclusively on helping people get their due compensation in a personal injury case, all the while protecting their rights in the professional way.

You might ask yourself the question: why do I need to spend my hard earned money on a personal injury law firm? Well, the answer is simple: The insurance companies that you are dealing with are focused on achieving one goal in particular when it comes to negotiating a settlement i.e. paying as little amount as possible. To an individual who has no legal representation, they will generally offer a very small settlement. Hence, you need attorneys who are experienced in negotiating with insurance companies, and who can fight for a fair compensation for their clients.

If you are pondering over the question that why an individual without legal representative has a rare chance to get a fair settlement as compared to the one with a personal injury lawyer, the following information might give you an insight:

  • Insurance companies prefer to settle as quickly as possible. The longer the courtroom proceedings last, the more time and resources are going in waste. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can speed up the process for both the parties.
  • The personal injury law firms work with the motto of protecting the rights of their clients. If in any circumstance the court proceedings continue for a long time, the attorney will know how to leverage every advantage that they have to get the most possible compensation.
  • Having a personal injury lawyer can also help the client get a fair amount of compensation for medical bills, time off work, and other damages caused by the personal injury. You don’t have to do the negotiation; it will be taken care of by your attorney.

The best thing about hiring a law firm is that you don’t have to pay them anything in advance. Instead, the firm will agree for a portion of the settlement and will wait until the settlement isn’t negotiated. Once the settlement is made between the firm’s client and the insurance company, the personal injury lawyer will receive the percentage of the settlement as his/her payment, and the client would get the remaining amount. If you think that it wasn’t as good a deal as you had expected, you really need to think again. Whatever left to you of the settlement amount after the attorney takes his percentage as his/her payment for the services, it is still a lot more than what you would have otherwise got by negotiating with the insurance company on your own.

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