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We do contingency fee work meaning that we represent people that aren’t going to give us a retainer or we’re not going to bill them by the hour in their claims against insurance companies for serious injury or other losses. Our practice really is focused on helping people that really don’t have the money or the resources or the knowledge to work their way through the legal system. One of the great things about the legal system that I’ve become more and more attracted to and excited by is that we can use the laws to help people.

A lot of times politicians or corporations or moneyed interests just are there to protect their own interests and we believe that we’re able to be a champion for the little guy and working them through a maze of rules, regulations, and procedures in the legal system. We represent people with insurance claims, whether their claim is against somebody else’s insurance company or claims against their own insurance company arising out of a serious injury or some other kind of loss.

What excites me about being a lawyer is that we can use the law to make the playing field level against corporations and companies because that’s what the law is there for. The law is designed and people forget this, to help the weak or the powerless against the strong. There are not really any lobbyists down in the Capitol in Springfield or out in Washington DC for people like you and me.

Big corporations and insurance companies’ manufacturers they have lobbyists they have the power they have control, but the law is designed to help those really without power or control to balance the playing field. We have a model that is the plan, prepare and persist. In the legal system in any affairs of life without a plan, you’re not going to succeed and so on every case, we look at the case we talk with the client come up with a mutual plan that we agree on.

With regard to persistence that means never giving up and a lot of our success just comes from when we represent you we want to take the case through its logical conclusion the fastest way possible and not giving up is crucial and the preparation is just something that has to be done there’s no easy way and what we do is we look at every single piece of evidence, listen to you and we’re ready.


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