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The owner of premises has a responsibility to make sure that the premises are safe for the people that are invited onto the property. In certain instances, our premises owner will know about a defect, or a problem, or a dangerous condition on their property, but it might cause them some money to fix that or to make it safe, and in some cases, those owners won’t spend the money to make it safe. Oftentimes, landlords or property owners are required to carry insurance for situations like when a person is injured on the premises through a slip-and-fall or other way.

The purpose of the insurance is to compensate somebody for their medical bills, for their lost income, time away from work, pain and suffering, and other things like that, and that’s really the purpose of the insurance policy that the premises or property owner buys when they get the property. It’s to protect the people who are invited onto the premises.

The stigma attached to a premises liability claim is that somebody is out just to make some money and the truth of the matter is, a lot of times when people do fall in premises, they are hurt, and it is a big deal. Sometimes they have invisible wounds like cuts or burns, but oftentimes the injuries are not apparent to somebody’s eye.

So, for example, if somebody falls onto their back and the pressure from when they when fell on their back fractures a vertebra or a bone in their back, nobody’s gonna see that with their own eyes, but certainly the person who happened to experience the pain, and that pain can be permanent.

I have a great deal of experience over the last decade plus with premises liability claims, including slip-and-falls and other premises liability claims and I have experience on both sides. I used to represent companies who were property owners, and now representing people who are hurt as a result of some premises owners’ negligence.


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