Hire A Board-Certified Civil Trial Lawyer

Board-Certified Lawyer

You’re involved in a divorce and you’re about ready to hire an attorney. There are about four or five factors that are critical in a divorce.

  1. As far as your decision to hire an attorney, your attorney needs to be able to devote the time to your case that’s important.
  2. Your attorney needs to be able to devote effort to your case.
  3. Your attorney needs to have the skills to handle your case properly.
  4. Your attorney needs to be able to have a good reputation with his fellow or her fellow attorneys and with the courts.
  5. Your attorney needs wisdom and your attorney needs to be able to develop and continuously adjust a strategy for your case.

When you deal with time, attorneys manage their practices differently. It puts the client in the position to where the client operates from an educated base and where decisions can be made throughout the case based on early knowledge.

In addition to devoting time, it’s a matter of devoting effort. There are a number of different rules that have to be complied with.

  1. When you’re involved in a divorce, you’ve got the family code that one has to comply with.
  2. You’ve got the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.
  3. You’ve got various forms.
  4. You’ve got individual courts that have individual requirements.

Your attorney has to exert the effort to comply with those requirements and to make certain that your case fits all of the necessary prerequisites of the court so that you can get a good outcome, either through settlement or through trial. Additionally, your attorney has to have skills.

Once you have an attorney that is willing to devote time, effort and has the skills to your case, then the next thing you need is an attorney that has wisdom. That’s something that’s hard to judge. Each attorney has a different approach. Each client considers wisdom to be a different matter. It permits you to benefit from years and years of knowledge.

It’s very important for the attorney to keep in mind this is your only case. The attorney’s had many cases over the years. If the attorney is willing to take the time and effort to share with you some of the things that he or she has learned over the years, it’s important. Sometimes you have to adjust strategies halfway through the case, three-fourths through the case.

However, all these adjustments are based upon knowledge of the client’s specific case, your knowledge of the law, your knowledge of the court, your knowledge of the court of appeals and your knowledge of general outcomes to be expected.

The final thing you should look at in hiring an attorney is reputation. Because the attorney’s reputation is going to influence how the mediator, the other attorney or the court assess your own case. Some attorneys handle a high volume of cases, they frequently come into court late, and they frequently have 10 or 15 different cases for one morning.


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