How Much Does It Cost to Speak to a Workers Comp Lawyer?

Workers Comp Lawyer

A lot of times we get people, who call and they ask. How much is this going to cost me? And the thing about what we do here at the McArthur Law Firm is that we don’t charge for the consultation. So, anytime you come in and ask questions of us of me, of Miss McArthur, of any of the attorneys here it is not going to cost you anything out of pocket.

Even if you decide, I don’t want to hire you. It’s still not going to cost you anything and if you decide you do want to hire us, we work on a contingency basis and what that means is that in the event that later down the road we settle your case. We get a percentage of that settlement. So, nothing that you would ever pay us is going to come out of your pocket. It’s always going to come out of the insurance company’s pocket.

If you have questions, if you’re concerned at all that your employer may not be looking out for your best interest, it’s always free to call an attorney and ask them if everything is being done. A lot of times the insurance companies do their job perfectly. You get your income benefits. You get your medical benefits and everything is great.

But then sometimes, it gets to a point where the insurance company says hey, do you want to think about settling your case? And a lot of people don’t know what their case is worth. So, even if you’re getting everything that you are entitled to, it is sometimes nice to have an attorney that’s just in your corner. That can kind of walk you through all of that stuff. At the Law Firm, this is law firm’s job to fight for you. To make sure you get justice and reasonable compensation for your injuries.


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