Is it Best to Have A Lawyer on Hand When Questioned?

Lawyer On Hand

100% of the time it is always best to have an attorney on hand when you’re being questioned. For a couple of different reasons:

1. First off, you may not want to make a statement and if you don’t want to make a statement well then your attorney can inform the police of that and then try to secure your release as soon as possible and you get you back to your family.

2. Secondly, if you are going to make a statement you shouldn’t just do it off the cuff and you shouldn’t do it unless you sit down with an attorney and your game plan. You have to strategize these things because they’re important I don’t always tell my clients, “Hey don’t talk to the police”. But I wait to give them that advice until I have a chance to sit down and talk to them in a confidential setting in my office, get the details as to what happen, what the allegation is, and you know usually when I had the chance to talk to the police officer to whoever is investigating the matter it might make sense to give a statement.┬áBecause sometimes I’ve taken folks in, taken clients in to see a detective we give a statement after we sat down and thought about it for awhile and they get released into my custody.

3. The case never gets charged and the whole thing gets nipped in the bud. That is obviously the better situation then you know, going in there not giving them a statement, getting charged, having to deal with a felony charge for months or years as it drags on through court. But the point is every situation is different.

4. Finally, never make that decision whether to talk to the police or not talk to the police until you talk to an attorney. An attorney can tell you then specifically, “Hey in your case it makes sense to talk, it makes sense not to talk,” but the attorney has to be able to give you some informed advice and you can’t get that until they have an idea of what’s going on.


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