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Personal Injury Law

I was in an auto accident. I was stopped getting ready to turn left and then the car rear-ended me think going maybe 50 to 60 miles an hour and there are about five cars involved. That was the first car that can actually hit so I stopped him from going anywhere else. Then I hit the car in front of me because of the amount of force as he hit me with.

The initial injury was a broken nose I wasn’t sure if my nose was going to really come back to shape or form and potentially had to have surgery on my nose. I worried about how everything was going to get handled, my car, how was that get handled? How am I going to get a new one? I didn’t know how many bills are going to come? I didn’t know how much money the bills were going to be when I started to get them? I had no idea what to do.

I’ve never been in an auto accident kind of that large before. A lot of insurance companies are so big they don’t care. You’re just a small fish, in their huge pond of customers of auto accidents that they have to take care of one of the main things that a big insurance company cannot control is you getting a lawyer and you getting a good law firm to help you manage and take care of the case.

I wanted to partner with someone that has some good experience and has been around for a decent amount of time and that was Jennifer and her team and it is a pretty easy choice. We believe there’s a better way to do personal injury law.

We stand for people living to their highest fullest potential. We stand against people selling themselves short. We believe the client’s choice really matters. We believe this firm is not really about us it is about you. We drive the cases forward. We keep you up to date on what’s happening we educate you about your rights. We allow you to make an informed choice so that you’re not intimidated by the insurance company.

Each and every person that works there was a part of my case. I could ask anybody when I walked into that office what was going on with my case, and they knew exactly what was going on. If I ever got auto accident again, I would 100% call Jennifer and her team as soon as they got out of the car. If I had not hired the firm, I honestly don’t know what would have happened? They do allow you to move forward with your life and get this kind of on the back burner because they will take it and manage it so you can actually get back to your own things that really truly do matter.


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