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Teaching Diversity

We live in pretty homogenous communities. Our schools are pretty much re-segregated after segregated things. Most kids go to private school that is pretty much known why and pretty much in their own ways.

The public schools are pretty much with teens who are black like in big cities like Los Angeles and Philadelphia, Chicago, and Atlanta and people really do not have opportunity to mix very much and if the parents of young people have all friends, relatives, and people come and visit them of the same race, the same color, the same economic background, that is what children will only think about and not be growing up understanding and walk in the shoes who is somewhat different than they are.

I grew up on a small cotton farm where my community was about half black and half white and we went to black people’s home and sat down and ate and most people did not but my parents had no problem with that and so I had a chance to understand black people and that was the other side of the whites and black in the South at that time. There was no Latinos or hardly knows Jews hardly now by any different and understand to learn in this people.

On the other hand, most young people do not go into other neighborhoods and so parents should figure out a way to get their kids involve with people that are not in their own group. There own racial and ethnic group and that is difficult. It is not easy to do. There are some barriers on both sides that keep that from happening so it takes an effort to do that. You have to go into girl’s and boy’s club and the part of town that you may not be familiar with and they can and make a friend here.

Go to a camp somewhere that is not some very expensive camp that only the rich kids can go to. They go in a different kind of Camp, the YMCA Camp that only cost $200 the whole week, meeting somebody different and make a friend. These are very different things to do because we live in a very segregated society. If not many people that make beyond the racial and ethnic group and the religious bounds in the United States and today when we do have so much tension in this Country, we call Islamic terrorist for example.

All the Islamic people are not terrorists. It is like saying Baptists are terrorists because Timothy McVeigh is a Baptist and blew up a building. This stereotype that we are using how many young people have been to a mosque? You know what the mosque it is. It is where the terrorist all hang out. It is not where the terrorist totally hangs out. They were good people practicing their religion and faith goes so it is hard work for the parent.

It is easy to just live your life and just do things you did growing up and your kids end up doing that too unless they are extremely unusual kids and breaks out on their own so it is a real challenge to be a parent to raise a very empathetic kid who is not biased.


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