The Benefits Of Avoiding Litigation

Avoiding Litigation

Concerns that people have when they enter into the divorce process is how much everything is going to cost because the circumstances of every case are so unique. It is impossible to estimate how much a divorce will set you back and expenses can quickly get away from you.

Cordell and Cordell Tulsa family law attorney Colby Pearce says that when money is a major concern it’s best to do whatever you can to avoid litigation. There are a lot of benefits to avoiding litigation, especially high-conflict litigation in a divorce.

Benefits of Avoiding Litigation

1. The first benefit is that’s going to appeal to everyone is the cost. There is a high cost associated with divorces, especially those involving minor kids, because of the inherent emotional issues involved so, paying attorneys is not something that everybody wants to do when they have other obligations and other financial obligations out there. So they really put a strain on your financials if you are having to on top of your monthly expenses having to pay a significant amount in attorney fees.

2. Pearce encourages his clients to approach the other party in a low-conflict non-hostile environment to try to facilitate agreement. He also recommends going through the mediation process in order to come up with a settlement that is agreeable to both sides.

3. Mediation is a big money saver and it also is a way to facilitate an agreement. Basically what mediation is when both parties go to a third-party mediator’s office, typically a practicing family law attorney in town, and that person serves as a mediator between the parties and tries to express the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s case and tries to convey what would a judge do is under these circumstances.

Here’s what, based on their experience, here’s what they believe a judge will do and ultimately the goal is to try to, come to some sort of agreement on all the issues in your divorce case so that’s a very common practice and a very common tool that’s used in most divorce actions.


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