Video as Evidence – A Witness Guide for Citizens, Activists, and Lawyers

Video Evidence

The video is used around the world to expose violations and advocate change. Lawyer and author of “The Field Video Guide for Evidence”, it is also increasingly used as part of investigations and as a legal guide. The activist of Brazil Video is a very important tool for collecting evidence because he enjoys a permanent presence.

Almost everyone has a mobile phone – it has the ability to shoot and produce videos anywhere. Syria’s lawyer Activist of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Lawyers faces challenges about proving and understanding the context and arranges and save large numbers of videos. They usually struggle to collect key shots, which may help to inform offenders. Citizen witnesses, activists and non-governmental organizations they all are the first responders, and they face challenges like How to capture critical information.

Coach on “video as evidence” I think it is very important for activists to work hand in hand with lawyers, And that lawyers work hand in hand with activists so that they can review what should be photographed appropriately. Watens has created the Field Video Guide as a guide to so that the videos are collected in the field with the greater demonstrative value, and to be used more effectively, to call for justice and accountability before the media, parliaments, committees, and courts.

This guide helps activists evaluate security and safety risks, Record videos that are easy to verify and see what details to shoot. If the video was produced well and was followed by protocols and safety standards, it may become an ideal guide to a particular issue. Trained as “video guide” by “Witness” the video guide will be an important tool for lawyers and activists. It will help us gather evidence quickly to be Evidence in court. Activists help lawyers, and lawyers are helping activists.


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