Why Should I Choose a Specialist Drug Lawyer?

Specialist Drug Lawyer

If you have been charged with a drug offense it’s important to get exceptional lawyers on your side, lawyers with the specialist knowledge and experience to get you the best possible result. Sydney Drug Lawyers is a law firm that represents clients in drug cases every day, and we’ve done so for many years. This has allowed us to develop and refine specialized techniques to fight and win drug cases.

Our know-how and experience mean that our clients are able to achieve optimal outcomes in all types of drug cases, from possessing a few drugs at a party to commercial drug supply, manufacture, cultivation, and importation cases. You wouldn’t go to a general doctor for heart surgery, so why go to a general criminal lawyer for drug cases.

Our specialist team is often able to have charges dropped early on by finding holes in the prosecution case, or identifying valid defenses that our clients may have. We often do this after clients have been told by other lawyers that their cases are impossible to win. Where cases do go all the way, our lawyers know how to win difficult cases in court, and we are proud of our outstanding track record of winning defended hearings and jury trials.

In fact, we won Australia’s biggest ever drug case, which involved the alleged importation of six hundred million dollars worth of heroin. All three of our clients, in that case, were found not guilty. If our clients wish to plead guilty our track record of helping them to avoid criminal records in less serious cases and stay out of jail for more serious ones is second to none. We also know that facing a drug charge can be stressful and confusing.

So we’ll take the time to guide you through the whole process, from advising you of your options to helping you get character references and counseling where appropriate. Even if you’re facing a defended hearing or jury trial you can take comfort in the knowledge that our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to fight for you in court. We also know that the financial costs of getting good legal representation can be daunting, which is why we offer all of our clients a free first conference to discuss your case and how much it’s going to cost.

In fact, we offer our client fixed fees in less serious cases like drug possession and minor drug supply. So that you know exactly how much your case is going to cost from the very start. So if you’re looking for a specialist firm that will fight for you when other lawyers may let you down call Sydney Drug Lawyers any time to arrange your free first consultation and get the best drug defense team on your side.


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